National Protests After Announcement in Ferguson


by Bridget Richard

The announcement from the grand jury was made Monday, November 24, 2014 that Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August, was not going to be indicted.

Coverage of Ferguson had died down in modern media, even though protests have been continuing in the Missouri city for almost four months. And while the city prepared for the local backlash at the announcement in St. Louis, with FOX News reporting that, “Barricades were erected around the building, and more than 20 Missouri state troopers were seen silently assembling with rifles, 3-foot batons, riot shields and other equipment,” no one expected the large national reaction.

The battle cry for protesters became “Hands up, don’t shoot” which originated from a witness testimony. The St. Louis Rams football team showed the gesture throughout their game against the Oakland Raiders on November 30.


Photo Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY

Organized protests have now formed in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and in other cities across America. And according to the Washington Post, traffic came to a standstill on Washington D.C’s Interstate 395 when demonstrators joined arms to show support.

The most recent protest was Monday, December 2, known as “Hands Up Walk Out.” In places like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Times Square, even at middle schools, demonstrators left their workplace or school with their hands up. Some participated in laying on the floor for 4 ½ minutes in silence, for the 4 ½ hours that Mike Brown’s body was left on the road at the scene.

Darren Wilson has since resigned from the Ferguson Police Force.