Behind the Scenes of the Bell Creek Intermediate Science Fair

by Meghna Kumar

On Thursday, February 5, the Bell Creek Intermediate gymnasium will be filled with zealous elementary students and posters adorned with graphs and abstracts. All of these students are on the same mission: to earn a score of excellent with distinction on their science fair projects. Various judges from the area will score the projects after interviewing the participants with a series of questions, such as how they discovered their topics, what interested them the most, and what they would change about their procedure now that they are aware of the outcome. Participants of the science fair are also required to write an abstract outlining the experiment they will perform, perform the outlined experiment and collect data, provide photos and other visual aids to enhance their project, and write a conclusion based on their findings from the experiment. Students of all grades are allowed to participate; however, only fifth graders with a high score are allowed to move on to the next level of the science fair.

In order to achieve these high scores, many teachers and volunteers work alongside the elementary students aiding them with the scientific process. Many volunteers are high school students who competed in the science fair themselves. “I enjoyed listening to all the ideas the kids had and ensured that they had all the components of their projects completed,” Junior Kyle Okolowitz noted. Junior Anna Starkey’s favorite part was “watching the progression of their [elementary schoolers’] ideas.” Any high schoolers interested in volunteering can sign up through the National Honor Society by speaking with Mrs. Rivero or signing up in her classroom.

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