Shoes 4 the Shoeless a Great Success.

By: C.J. Destefani

With lots of support from Bellbrook Schools, the drive was a success, and on April 21, members of Key Club, including senior Megan Bias, delivered the donated shoes to a Dayton elementary school. All of the children were thrilled, and thanked the students endlessly. This event helped Shoes 4 the Shoeless make a difference for both students who received these gifts and for the Bellbrook students who participated.

Shoes 4 the Shoeless is an organization that goes to communities and schools throughout Dayton and collects donated shoes and gives them to students at a Dayton elementary school who have damaged shoes, or even no shoes at all. Bellbrook High School’s Key Club asked Shoes 4 the Shoeless to have a shoe drive here at Bellbrook High School. Key Club members put boxes around the school and asked for students to bring in their families’ and their own old and slightly used shoes.



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