Getting to Know Mrs. Scohy

By: Joseph Spirk

Students returning from summer vacation may have seen a new face in the Guidance Department this year. Mrs. Scohy is the new guidance counselor who took over for retiree Mrs. Pernik. I recently sat down with Mrs. Scohy to ask her some questions.

  1. Where did you go to college and what career did you plan on going into afterwards?

I went to college at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Originally I thought I was going to do engineering, that was one reason why I wanted to go there. Eventually I decided to major in Psychology. So I spent five years in the Air Force and during that time I received my Masters in School Counseling and that led me to where I am today.

2.  What made you pick the Air Force Academy over other colleges and what are some of your best memories from your time there?

One reason I picked it was the money issue. My family didn’t have money to send me to college so I was looking for something that I could get the most amount of college paid for, also the prestige of the academy. Lastly, I wanted to play sports in college so that was a determining factor as well. I was part of the volleyball team.

3.  Where did you work before Bellbrook and why did you choose Bellbrook High School?

I first worked at Fairborn City Schools for seven years working at the high school, middle school, and elementary school. Then I transferred to Tipp City and worked at Tippecanoe High School. I chose Bellbrook because I live here and my kids are in school here and most importantly the community. We have great students that I want to help mold those kids as best I can, and if I’m going to influence someone why not someone who lives in my own community.

4.  What do you like the most about Bellbrook High School so far?

The thing unique about Bellbrook compared to the previous schools I’ve been at is not only is the staff very welcoming and friendly, but also several students have approached me, introducing themselves and I love that. I was shocked at how friendly the students were, just a very welcoming community overall.

5.  What advice would you give to students who are going through the college admission process?

My number one advice is to do your research. There’s a lot of information out there and you have a lot of resources available to you and it’s hard not to get lost in all of that. I recommend making lists of the different colleges you’re interested in to be able to compare and contrast what they can offer you because every school has something different to offer. You have to go somewhere where you’ll fit in the best and that can offer you the best degree and success available after college.