Casey Veggies: Live and Grow

By: Harmony Takhar

Casey Veggies is a 22-year-old American rapper from Inglewood, California. He has seven mixtapes and one independent album out. Last Friday, on September 25, Veggies released his first Studio Album called Live and Grow. The album includes appearances by Tyler the Creator, Dom Kennedy, BJ the Chicago Kid, YG, IAMSU!, and Dej Loaf. The album has had some critical reviews. Some see the album done well and others see it as trying too hard just to rhyme with little meaning behind the lyrics.

Personally, some of my favorites on the album are “I’m the King” and “Tied Up” featuring Dej Loaf. I liked some of the music on this album, even though there are only 13 songs. Some of his other music from his independent album aren’t bad either. This is only the beginning of his career though. He’s been seen working with other rappers, Jay-Z and Ty Dolla $ign.


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