Revival: Selena Gomez

By: Harmony Takhar
Everyone goes through events in life that change them as a person. After that change, the person has what you could call a “revival.” Selena Gomez, favorited by many young adults today for her acting in the hit show Wizards of Waverly Place, is no different. The actress/singer has had quite a few lately: her previous, but still conversed about, relationship with Justin Bieber, her fights with her friends, firing her mother as her manager for a more professional career, and the artist recently revealed she has been diagnosed with lupus. Gomez was criticized by the tabloids in the past for going off the grid, and rumors were sparked that she was an addict. Little did they know, she’d been in chemotherapy and that’s why she took a year off. She says the year off was good for her and helped her as a person. During her year off, she also started to work on a new album. She wasn’t sure what to call it until this summer. She found the perfect name to describe the collection of songs: Revival.

Revival was released on October 9, 2015. The album has a total of 14 tracks: Kill Em With Kindness, Perfect, Nobody, Hands to Myself, Body Heat, Camouflage, Me & the Rhythm, Good For You, Same Old Love, Me & My Girls, Rise, Sober, Survivor, and, of course, Revival. Good For You was released as a single in July and Same Old Love was released as a single earlier this month of October. Surprisingly, her singles released earlier this year, I Want You To Know and The Heart Wants What It Wants, weren’t on the album. The songs, Same Old Love, Perfect, Nobody, and Sober are about her previous relationship with Bieber. Songs like Revival, Rise, and Kill Em With Kindness are some more empowering songs that are a result of what she’s been through and show the newer perspective she has from her change. Then, the rest are songs, like Me & My Girls and Me & the Rhythm, she wrote for the funner aspect of the album. Some songs are intense, serious ballads, others are hit pop songs made to be sung along to, and then there are some that are the type to party to. Her fans claim it to be “everything they expected and more.”

Personally, I liked Kill Em With Kindness, Perfect, Camouflage, Rise, Survivor, and her previously-released singles. The thing I especially admire about her music is that she sings about things that so many other girls can relate to. She is still young and she especially connects with other teenage girls who have been through the same things as her, which only helps her attain more fans.


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