Patrick Kane Scandal

by Kennedy Szekely

You couldn’t miss the protest Wednesday, October 7 on Madison Avenue in front of the United Center in Chicago, where the Stanley Cup champion  Chicago Blackhawks were about to open their season and raise their championship banner.  Patrick Kane is a star hockey player for the Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks. Kane and some friends went to a night club in Buffalo, N.Y. where Kane allegedly had drinks and invited some people over for a private party. One of the female guests went into a room where Kane allegedly followed her to the bedroom. According to the statement and of the victim, this is when Kane overpowered her.

After the incident, the victim and another woman left and went to the nearest hospital where a rape kit was given to her to collect all possible DNA.

Kane’s private driver for the night was the first to be questioned. Buffalo Police Lieutenant, Thomas English, was off duty and is Kane’s private driver as a second job. English told Buffalo News that there was an agreement between Kane and the guests in the car that they go to Kane’s house and hang out. Other reports suggest the rape victim just tagged along to accompany her friend. Police are scanning through social media posts to see if Kane already knew his accuser to understand Kane’s state of mind. An investigation in his home where the alleged rape occurred has been launched to see if there is any evidence of the event. Kane’s reputation also does not help his case. He’s known for his heavy consumption of alcohol. Three years ago, Kane was in one drunken incident after another. With this current scandal, things are not looking the best for the professional 26-year-old hockey player.