Teacher Lip Sync Battle at BHS

by Alyssa Rogers

The National Honor Society at BHS is raising money for teacher appreciation this year, and they’re doing it in quite an entertaining way. Eight teachers were approached and asked to participate in a lip sync battle creating music videos to the song of their choice. Each day during the week of 11/2 two teachers’ videos were played during mentor and students donated money in order to vote for the teacher they think did the best. The results are in and the teachers who have moved on in the competition will do so after Thanksgiving break.

Here’s a break down of what happened last week:

Monday- Brown vs. Hartley with Ms. Brown singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and Mr. Hartley with “Stayin’ Alive”

Tuesday- Fogarty vs. Potter with Mrs. Fogarty singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and Mrs. Potter singing “Piano Man”

Wednesday- Schultz vs. Gogol with Mr. Schultz performing “Watch Me” and Mr. Gogol performing “Shut Up and Dance”

Thursday- Reinhart vs. Carreira with Mr. Carreira performing a mashup of “Bad” and “In Summer” and Mr. Reinhart singing “Say Something”

The tension was high and the competition was fierce but the teachers receiving the most votes and moving on are:

Ms. Brown v. Mrs. Fogarty

Mr. Schultz v. Mr. Reinhart

Students look forward to seeing the next round of the competition. “My money is on Reinhart,” says senior Joseph Spirk. Is Joseph right? Who do you think it will be? Make sure to bring in money to donate as a vote for your favorite candidate after Thanksgiving break!