BHS Athlete Spotlight: Clay Cavanaugh

By: Mitch Hughes

Clay Cavanaugh is a freshman here at BHS with a daffy personality and a clever mind. Clay is also a Varsity Cross Country runner and a member of the Freshman Boy’s Basketball team. Though he has developed into an impressive runner, basketball is his passion and he is thrilled about the beginning of his debut season at BHS. Now, here’s everything you wanted to know about Cavanaugh, and then some.

Favorite team: Kentucky Wildcats

Favorite players: None in particular

Favorite position to play: Small Forward because he can handle the ball well, but still play a “big man” position.

Played basketball since: 2nd Grade

Biggest weakness going into this Season: “Ball handling, but I’ve been practicing.”

Team strengths: “There is a general atmosphere of good feeling. We get along.”

How your activities help you out with basketball: “Hanging out with my friends on the team builds better teamwork and lifting weights gets me stronger.”

How you have worked on your game in the offseason: “Basketball practice, lifting weights, and running cross country.”

What’s been the most helpful to your basketball career so far: “Running Cross Country because my endurance is much higher now.”

Say something inspiring: “’Fear is a limit and you are limitless, so have no fear.’ – Garrison Williams”

Say something funny: “’Nice manatees’ – Mark Erwin”

Now that you’ve become familiar with the amiable and humorous Clay Cavanaugh, look out for him on the court.


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