Justin Bieber Makes A Comeback

By Jaclyn Frank

Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose released last Friday, November 13. Leading up to the release, Justin Bieber’s entourage went around to different cities throughout the world and put graffiti on city walls announcing the song titles. Justin Bieber’s past album, Believe, was released in the summer of 2012. After a long three years, Justin Bieber made a comeback with his music.

Throughout those three years, Bieber went through a rough time with the law, paparazzi, and media. Many Beliebers, his fan base, lost faith in the teen heart-throb, along with many adults. After he and his family realized he was headed down a wrong path, he decided to focus on what mattered most to him: music, family, and God. He started hanging out with friends that shared the same religious values as him and he started to get back into the studio.

The connotation that goes along with Justin Bieber has often been a negative one. After his new album release, he has gained the respect back from many former fans. Many popular artists are featured on Purpose, such as Halsey, Travis Scott, Big Sean, Ariana Grande, and Nas. These music artists with very different sounds bring variety to the album. Justin Bieber has quickly announced his world tour for Purpose and the pre-sale tickets sold out within a minute. This goes to show how great the album truly is. Justin Bieber has gotten his fans back and most importantly has gotten back on the right track.


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