Mr. Schultz’s Grandma is ‘Fresher than You?’ Lip Sync Battle Round 2

by Alyssa Rogers

The riveting competition among our beloved BHS teachers continued this past week with Mrs. Brown versus Mrs. Fogarty on Tuesday, December 8, and Mr. Schultz versus Mr. Reinhart on December 10.

Students and teachers both tuned into the battles during mentor on each day to watch the throw down and decide for themselves who deserved to win.

The results are in and are as follows:

Mrs. Brown defeated Mrs. Fogarty with her charming video to Taylor Swift’s chart topper, Shake It Off. Then on Thursday Mr. Shultz took down Mr. Reinhart with his fresh performance to What Are Those.

What was their edge over the competition? Mrs. Brown captivated her audience with her sarcastic features of comments which students make to her. Mr. Schultz, on the other hand, used his “swag” to win over the majority and promised to hit the quan if he moved on to the next round.

To vote, just like last time, students were asked to make donations in order to raise money for teacher appreciation gifts, as a thank you for all that they do. The final round will take place as a finale to the talent show before spring break. The question is, with all that time to prepare, what can we expect from the final contenders?


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