David Bowie dies at age 69

By: Rachel Stewart

David Bowie, musician and showman, died on January 10, at age 69, after losing his 18-month battle with cancer.

Bowie recently co-wrote an off-Broadway musical with playwright Enda Walsh called Lazarus, and he was at its world premier.  He also just released a new album on his 69th birthday, entitled “Blackstar,” which in itself is a reference to cancer, specifically a scar that can occur when someone has breast cancer.  Many critics believe Bowie knew of his own imminent demise, as in the music video for the song “Lazarus” on his new album shows him in a hospital bed with bandages on his eyes, while singing, “Look up here, I’m in Heaven.”  Bowie’s producer, Tony Visconti, according to The Independent, said Blackstar was Bowie’s “parting gift,” and he “made his death like he made his life- a work of art.”

Bowie’s work has touched many generations.  Local Bellbrook High School mom, Andrea Starkey said that when she heard the news of his death “she felt like she lost a friend, [she] has listened to his music all [her] life.”  Her younger daughter, senior at Bellbrook, Anna Starkey was also saddened to see him go.  “Even though I didn’t listen to him everyday, I was still upset when I heard about his death because I consider him a music legend.  Also, I think it’s pretty kicka** how he released an album right before his death. It shows he really worked until he couldn’t anymore.”


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