Second Semester Seniors

By Alyssa Rogers

As the countdown to graduation begins and college acceptance letters start coming in the mail, seniors at BHS are getting incredibly antsy to put on their cap and gown and get handed their diploma.

Abby Fryman Abby Fryman was asked how she felt about graduating here in the next couple of months. “I feel excited but a little nervous because I’m excited to move on from high school and meet others but at the same time I don’t think I’m ready for all the work that college students have to put in.” So then we asked Abby if she was more nervous or more excited for her college experience. “I’m more excited because I’ve been stuck in the same town for all my life and it’s time to move on and experience the world that’s out there.” Abby is still choosing which college she will attend but she feels confident that college is going to bring some great new experiences her way.

Jake SteuverSenior Jake Steuver has very similar feelings towards college. “I feel nervous, but I would say I’m more excited than anything. I can’t wait to meet new people and see what college life is like. I’m also excited to get started on my future career.” Jake, on the other hand, has made a final decision on where he will attend college; he plans to study computer science at the University of Cincinnati.



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