Second Semester Seniors

by Alyssa Rogers

As the countdown to graduation begins and college acceptance letters start coming in the mail, seniors at BHS are getting incredibly antsy to put on their cap and gown and get handed their diploma.

This week we talked to two Bellbrook seniors about the activities they plan to participate in during the next four years of their education.

Alexis Schuster can’t wait to start her journey at her dream school, The University of Kentucky. Not only is she super excited about majoring in neuroscience but she’s also pumped about rushing for Greek life this fall. Alexis says she has always wanted to join a sorority so that she can “meet people and make new friends. A sorority seems like an awesome way to get involved.” Alexis also says she wants to join some type of intramural basketball team, again to meet new people, but also to get familiar with the Lexington area.

Brad Russleburg is also a senior here at Bellbrook who is interested in more than just the education offered at his future school. Brad has signed to play football at Ohio Northern University. He wants double major in exercise physiology and sports business. If that won’t be keeping him busy enough, he also wants to look on campus to find some sort of philosophy group to join. He said it’s something that has always been really interesting to him, especially growing up with a mother who is a psychologist. “She has always kept me thinking a little deeper about everything,” he said, explaining why it interests him.

College is an overwhelming lifestyle change but Bellbrook seniors are ready for the challenge.


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