The Perfect Makeup for your Perfect Prom Dress

by Alyssa Rogers

Prom hair

Finding the perfect prom dress is stressful. Once you have that, then you have to decide how to wear your makeup. Choosing colors and types can be extremely overwhelming. Try using this guide if you’re stuck…(and trust me, you’re not the only one stuck).


  • Make sure to wear foundation that does not have any SPF because SPF will reflect white in flash photography and that’s not a good look.
  • SET YOUR FOUNDATION WITH POWDER!!!! You don’t want your makeup sliding all around your face throughout the night. Let’s face it, prom can get a little sweaty, so keep your foundation in place with an SPF-free powder.
  • Blend your makeup down to your neck and chest if your chest is exposed. Pictures will so easily pick up skin tone differences on different parts of your body, so make sure your makeup doesn’t end right at your jaw line. Blend it on down.
  • Bronzer helps us all out, but make sure not to go overboard. I recommend using some sort of bronzer on the outsides of your face (under your jaw line, below the cheekbone and temple areas) but make sure your aren’t applying too much. No one wants an oompa loompa as their date.

Compliment the colors of your dress

Navy, Royal, Emerald Dresses- A bold, berry lip is going to compliment your dress perfectly. Complete the look by using browns and taupes to create a soft, smokey eye.

Yellow, Hot Pink, Magenta, Purple, Red Dresses- Nude lips and a smokey eye will be more on the dramatic side, so using cool or warm colors will be perfect. If your dress has silver beading, try using cool tone eye shadows. If your dress has bronze or gold beading, try warm colors.

Green, Baby Pink, Aqua, Baby Blue Dresses- Consider a light pink nude lip with metallic eyes using shadows that match the beading on your dress on the lid, and a warm matte brown to blend into your crease

Neutral Color Dresses- Using a pop of color either on the lips OR eyes will pull everything together. Keep in mind with a bold lip you might want to keep the eyes simple and vice versa.


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