Post AP Exam Extravaganza

By: Mitch Hughes

The second week of AP exams is coming to a close. This means instruction in most AP classes has ended, because AP classes are designed so that students have completed the entire curriculum before the exam. For many schools, including our own, regular classes don’t end for another couple of weeks after AP exams.

Unless teachers have other activities planned for the free time after exams, students will likely find themselves rather bored unless they find something entertaining to pass the time. The list of good time passing activities is endless, but some things are certainly more entertaining, easier to do, and less disruptive than others. Here’s just a few of the things you can do to make the time between AP exams and the end of the school year fly by.


No matter what your class does after AP exams, you shouldn’t be without a deck of cards. Card games are not very disruptive, easy to setup, easy to learn (for the most part), and a great time. It helps to have to know a few games ahead of time, because you never know what everyone will want to play. One deck of cards is very versatile in the number of possible games and players. Card games that you ought to have in your repertoire include, but are not limited to: Crazy 8’s, Slapjack, Spoons, Kemps, Capitalism, BS, Euchre, and Egyptian Rat Screw.

Board Games:

Board games are great because of how self contained they are. Everything you need from cards and pieces to rules and instructions are all included in the box, so it’s easy for everyone to learn. Though some board games are time consuming and limit the number of players, their uniqueness makes them quite engaging and most definitely worth the time. A few fun board games include: Monopoly, Sorry, Sequence, Risk, Jenga, Taboo, Connect 4, Blokus, and many more.

Strategy games:

Strategy games are usually limited to two players, but they are very mentally engaging and fun nonetheless. Some strategy games that can really hold their own include: Chess, Checkers, Mastermind, Othello, Abalone, and dominoes.

Of course you can do more than just play games, there’s always reading a good book or doing homework for other classes or more fun options; yo-yo’s, hacky sack, juggling, and other things of that nature to name a few. Technology can also be an asset to your entertainment. For instance, your class could agree upon a movie to watch, or you could play computer games ( isn’t just for children). No matter what you do, it is important not to disrupt other classes that are still working, and check with your teacher before doing anything.


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