Chance The Rapper Takes Everyone to Church with Coloring Book

By: Harmony Takhar

Chance the Rapper released his newest mixtape, Coloring Book, on Thursday, May 12. Chance is a rapper from Chicago and has been in the music industry since 2011 in his high school days. Chance is 23 today. He’s had three other projects out before Coloring Book: 10 Day, Acid Rap and Surf. I recommend all of those and Coloring Book very much for those interested in the hip hop and rap genre.

Chance wasn’t exactly the world’s favorite person when he delayed the release of Life of Pablo by Kanye West. He was fighting for the track, Waves, to be on the album. Eventually Waves did end up being on West’s album. Chance loved Waves so much that when deciding the name of the album, Waves was even considered for it. Chance must really have been someone Kanye trusted to allow him to change his album so much. Today that song is a hit on the iTunes chart, so the world should probably be thanking him.

Coloring Book is a HUGE success! It’s on the top of the charts right now. It’s all over my Twitter timeline. This album is so different from the other rap music out there. A lot of hip hop and rap music is about love, sex, relationships, money, drugs, or about wanting respect. Chance previously wasn’t rapping about this type of stuff, though. He rapped about some things real and about things so many common people can relate to like being happy, relationships with family, friends and childhood memories. With Coloring Book, he raps about how much he appreciates the things in life. A lot of the tracks are about our God and his love for him. He mixed gospel music with rap and it is something truly gorgeous.

The album features artists such as Justin Bieber, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Future, Kanye West, T-Pain, and Saba. I would tell you the songs I’d like the best, but that’d be all of them. I loved the ENTIRE album. I haven’t loved an album so much since 2014 Forest Hills Drive by J Cole. I was pretty close with Life of Pablo by Kanye West, though.


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