Clinton’s stumble raises concerns over health

By Connor Robinson

Throughout Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency this year, conservatives brought up concerns over the health of the Democratic nominee. What was once a right-wing, typically-dismissed theory meant to smear the campaign suddenly became a reality when video of Clinton stumbling while entering a vehicle emerged.

Clinton was visiting Ground Zero to remember those who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks carried out fifteen years ago. Mid-ceremony she excused herself due to the heat of a day, and later commented she was “overheated.” As the candidate waited to board her personal motorcade, she appeared to faint and was carried inside the van while her feet dragged on the pavement. Less than 2 hours after the video was released, Clinton’s personal physician stated she was suffering from pneumonia, but would fully recover after a weekend of rest.

After this event, concerns whether she will be fit to keep up the strenuous job of president are now circulating. Clinton’s campaign claims it is a small hiccup, and Donald Trump claims she is unfit for presidency.


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