Everything To Know About Homecoming Week

By: Sara Wolf

It’s time for arguably the most looked-forward-to event of each new school year–Homecoming and all of its activities. This year, Bellbrook High School’s 2016 “Back to the 80’s” themed Homecoming dance is October 8 from 8 to 11 pm. Students can be ready for the usual Homecoming experience with a few more Rubik’s cubes, neon decorations, and 80’s songs than they’ve had other years. Homecoming committee and student government have been hard at work planning for the week and dance, making decorations, and arranging student-sent-in song requests to the DJ. Still, with all of the fun of Homecoming week comes a lot of stress. Here’s the plan for the week so that all can stay on top of the craziness and make this year’s Homecoming memorable.

MONDAY: Monday’s theme is Monochromatic Monday, so come to school dressed head to toe in the same color. There are no color assignments for each class, any student can wear any color. Make sure to stop by your mentor and turn in nominations for Homecoming court!

TUESDAY: Tuesday’s theme is Superhero Day. Ticket sales begin during both lunches. Tickets are $15 each and cannot be bought at the door Homecoming night, so be sure to buy one at lunch during the week.

WEDNESDAY: Wednesday is Holiday Day! Again there are no specific holidays assigned to grades. Voting for Homecoming King and Queen is scheduled to take place during mentor. Tickets can be bought at lunch. The senior girls’ Powder Puff game is at 7p with a bonfire following immediately after. Come ready to cheer and for an entertaining halftime routine.

THURSDAY: Throwback Thursday! Go back to the 80’s or another decade of your choice. Tickets can be bought at lunch. An assembly and mock accident including an airlift will take place to emphasize the importance of safe and smart decisions over the weekend. Don’t forget to register for Join The Shift to earn $10,000 for our school.

FRIDAY: It’s Purple and Gold Day and the last day to buy tickets to the dance during lunch! Come ready and excited for a pep rally in the afternoon and the football game at 7p against Franklin! Homecoming Court will be on the field at halftime and the King and Queen will be announced. Ms. Bills-Tenney tells students to be sure they get to the game early to see a surprise before the start of the game!


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