Powder Puff: Bellbrook’s Seniors Take the Field

By: Sarah Rovinsky

Bellbrook’s seniors signed up two weeks ago to participate in Powder Puff, which is essentially a role reversal of a typical Friday night football game as girls play football while the boys cheer them on in ridiculous attire. The participants were randomly selected by senior adviser Mrs. Enderson and placed on one of the two teams: purple or white. Both groups practiced separately in the weeks leading up to the game.

The game started October 4 at 7 pm in the Miami Valley South Stadium. After rumors spread that the teams were stacked, the girls proved on Wednesday that they were, in fact, evenly matched. Purple team was the first and last to score, but white team held their own and fought hard. Both teams ending up tying at 12 to 12 after an extremely close match. Afterwards, the teams and student section joined at a celebratory bonfire near the stadium.

The white team was coached by senior football players Nathan Cordonnier, Chad Furderer, Tom Orbash, and Kyle Crouch.When asked about the tie, Nathan Cordonnier replied, “I thought it was for the best. Both teams would’ve talked trash to the losing side. Tonight there were no losers… Both teams played well and hustled a lot. It exceeded my expectations, and was a lot of fun.”

The purple team was lead by Justin Havens, Chandler Wren, Tim Tidwell, and Logan Britten. Justin Havens commented after tying, “I wish we would’ve won but I’m glad we didn’t lose… I think there should’ve been (an overtime) but it’s probably a good thing that we all got home early and could start homework if we needed to.”


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