America’s favorite undecided voter a sellout?

By Connor Robinson

If you have followed this year’s confusing and hectic presidential election, you have most likely heard of Ken Bone, the newest and strangest internet sensation. Mr. Bone was an undecided voter present at the second presidential debate, where he asked a simple question about clean energy. He returned to his seat without knowing he would soon become a hit on Twitter and other social media.

Mr. Bone’s interesting facial hair and tight-fitting sweater were to blame; something about his nature made him stand out against the anger and negativity of the debate. His fifteen minutes of fame continued when the sweater he wore sold out online almost immediately, yet he received negative backlash from a tweet posted Thursday, October 13.

Why had his fans turned against him? Bone accepted an undisclosed sum of money from the transport service Uber to promote them in a tweet, selling out to a large company after less than a week of fame. Hundreds of disappointed supporters voiced how they felt about the man they thought was above selling out so soon, and the tweet was taken down the same day it was originally posted. The masses had viewed Mr. Bone as an inspiration amid the chaos of the election but were disappointed that he let his popularity become a marketing scheme.


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