Fall-bulous Fashion

by Bergen Eppers

Fall is finally here, the season where we can finally wear jeans and sweaters, but what is in style this year? According to what is making the runways, celebrity sightings, and even everyday items from your local fashionista, here are some outfit choices that will spice up your wardrobe this season for those fall activities:

  1. Plaid Shirts. You can never go wrong with one of these. According to InStyle, you can rock it in many different styles. For those cute and casual days, match it up  like Jessica Alba with some comfy leggings and use it as a cover-up or switch it up with it buttoned up, some skinny jeans, and some flats for a preppy-chic look. Want more upscale? Combine it with a black or jean skirt, any boots or heels, and a statement necklace like Kendall Jenner. When your outfit ideas are running low always keep one (or more) in your closet.
  1. Hay Riding? Wear jeans. Yes, we all will eventually do it this season, no denying it, so why not do it in style? To avoid being poked by the hay bails (we’ve all been there), definitely wear some jeans. Go casual with the help of a graphic sweater and a jean jacket. Finally, throw in those comfy boots for a bold statement.
  1. Apple Picking? Leggings and a field jacket. For those adventurous families and friends, here’s an outfit idea for your fun day. To keep warm, wear some leggings and plain long sleeve shirt. Then, as the main piece, snatch a colorful field jacket. Pair it up with some moccasins and refined accessories for the perfect balance.
  1. Trench Coats. For a night on the town or any outdoor activity, these are the perfect fashion statement for style and warmth. Match it up with some jeans/leggings and some knee-high boots and you will never go wrong. Pair it with a light infinity scarf and a string purse and you could walk those streets like a runway, according to Elle.com.
  2. Dresses with Sweaters. You really want to wear that dress but the weather just isn’t agreeing? Throw a sweater underneath and some leggings to still stay nice and dressy, but warm and cozy on the inside. Some boots, a nice up do, and some studs will tie this outfit sweetly, or to go for a rougher edge, add a big necklace and rock that hair down.

6. Knee High Boots. You can probably guess that these are definitely a must-have. They can go with every outfit in the fall and winter and just look cute anywhere. For those fall-back or emergency shoes, these are it. Where some knee-high socks that poke at the top and your outfit will be a gem.

Displaying fallfashion.jpg

  1. Pumpkin Perusing? Sweaters! For those who do the classic to choose their pumpkins this year, keep cozy and stylish with an over-sized sweater, leggings or joggers, and some comfy slip-ons because who knows how long you will be out there inspecting pumpkins. Throw that hair up in a bun and some light makeup, and now you are all cozy. All you need now is the hot chocolate…

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