What is Sadie Hawkins?

by Connor Robinson

Recently a friend asked me, “The winter formal is in a month, right? Don’t girls ask guys to go with them to the dance?” “Yes, it’s a Sadie Hawkins dance,” I replied. He looked confused. “Who is Sadie Hawkins?” The question made me stop and think as to why I had heard the name, yet knew very little about its origin.

The story of Sadie Hawkins is certainly an interesting one. The tradition is based on events that take place in the comic book Li’l Abner created by Al Capp. In the comic, each November, one day of the month was deemed Sadie Hawkins day, where all the female characters, including Sadie, chased the men of the town until they caught them and could “marry up” the men caught. This game reversed the typical role of the time period where the man pursued the woman. The widespread publication of the comic made the idea popular and the first official Sadie Hawkins dance was held in 1938.

Thousands of dances have been held at high schools, colleges, clubs, and bars since. Bellbrook High School hasn’t put on a winter formal in over four years, making this dance a new experience for all students attending. This year’s dance is organized by JROTC with help from the student government. The dance is coming quickly. It will be held February 4 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. If you’re a girl, your time to score a date is quickly running out. If you’re a guy, all you can do is wait around and hope that you’re asked soon! Either way, be sure to attend for a fun time for everyone.


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