Boys basketball: the season so far

By: Sara Wolf

The varsity boys’ basketball team has already experienced a share of wins and losses within their first 9 of 22 regular season games. Varsity coach Donnie Tate started off the boys’ road to a successful season by holding two practices a day, one before and after school. With intense days like those combined with hard work and new focus, they’ve earned victory over Eaton, Northridge, Waynesville and Monroe, holding a 4-5 record.

Most recently, the Eagles defeated Monroe 39-37 in overtime on the Hornet’s home ground. Senior Nathan Cordonnier lead the team with 14 points, but points from junior Donnie Crouch brought the team to secure the win in the final moments. The Eagles lost 35- 50 to rival Oakwood on January 14, constantly fighting Oakwood’s leading offensive players Connor Dinkler, Andy Neff and Brendan Talarczyk. Oakwood’s starters refused to lose power and energy throughout the entirety of the game, despite the shouting of both packed student sections and the tiring rival atmosphere that filled the home gym. Crouch had 15 and Cordonnier had 9 of Bellbrook’s 35 points.


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