Lady Gaga Wows Crowd

By Kayla Stephensen

Lady Gaga captured the Super Bowl crowd’s attention by jumping off the roof of the stadium to begin her show. She opened with “God Bless America” and then proceeded to sing some of her top songs over the years such as “Poker Face,” “Just Dance,” “Born This Way,” her latest hit “Million Reasons” and closed with the ever popular “Bad Romance.” Some felt she was overdoing it, while others remembered her popular songs that were perhaps favorites at their release time. The crowd was left in awe with fireworks booming even after she ended her final piece.

The stars above seemed to move with her hands as she formed constellations thanks to drones above the stadium. Those surrounding her stage had lights that formed shapes throughout her eccentric show. Even her dancers shone on her stage making a very colorful product.

As Bellbrook freshman Lexi Crockett said, “I liked it because she sang some of her old songs and it was like ‘throwback.'” She and another freshman, Sam Montgomery, agreed that her jump off the roof was the best part because it was both exciting and unexpected.


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