The Caring Place: A Way to Help in Your Community

by Bergen Eppers


Thursday, January 26, 2017, Key Club served a meal to approximately 150 people at the Caring Place in Xenia. They served chili, vegetables, chips, and some cookies and Mrs. Kaffenberger’s own cherry dump cake.

The Caring Place takes place in the basement of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Xenia. For those in need of volunteer hours or a desire to help out in the community, this is a great opportunity. Junior Paige Buttery, a first time volunteer, says “[The experience] was very rewarding and helping out in the community felt good. All of the people who also helped were very friendly. I loved being a part of it!”

Volunteers are in charge of making the plates, serving the people who walk in, cleaning up afterwards, and attending to the needs of the guests. Families, elderly, couples, and individuals alike can walk in and enjoy a warm meal on Thursday every week. One of the most memorable parts, according to Buttery, was “seeing all those people and realizing how much I could help. One guy came up and talked to me for a little while and it was really cool talking to him and getting to know new people.”

Set up for the Caring Place begins at 5:30 p.m. and people start to walk in at 6 p.m. Depending on how many people come, the approximate time that it ends is 7 p.m., then clean-up begins. Take a friend, new help is always welcome! ” I would 100% [recommend this experience to others],” says Buttery, “I will be looking forward to smiling and interacting with the people there… and to help out [in my community]!”


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