Adele Beats the Queen and Other Grammy Surprises

By Kayla Stephensen

At the Grammy’s this year, Adele won 5 awards, 4 of which she beat Beyoncé. Adele idolizes Beyoncé but rather ironically beat her in Album of the Year, which Beyoncé has been nominated four times for and never won. Many wonder what the judges were looking for if not Lemonade. Although it did win Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Music Video, it stands that Lemonade was popular but perhaps not good enough.

During Adele’s performance of “Fastlove,” she stopped midway and requested to start over, claiming to not be happy with the sound. She apologized profusely and used a dash of colorful language explaining that she can’t mess this up for George Michael, the author.

Another interesting–slightly more comical–moment occurred when 21 Pilots ditched their pants to go receive their award for Best Pop/Duo Group Performance. One of the performers told the story watching the Grammy’s before they were making any money for their music and promised each other if they ever won an award, they would receive it just as they were then. Sitting together on the couch, they were both pants-less. Using this as a great lesson, he told the audience, specifically those in the same place as they had been, to not lose hope because it could be them next year. As freshman Leah Davis said, “I was surprised when they did pants-ed themselves but thought it was nice what they said.”

Another freshman Hannah Bridges recalls, “I was impressed Chance the Rapper was rapping to a Christian song. He’s a religious rapper and was thankful to God that he got nominated. He wasn’t afraid to show his belief in God.” Chance the Rapper is one who really blew everyone away for his first performance this year. He won Best New Artist, Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance.


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