Seniors Shadow Local Workers

by Elaine King

On Tuesday, March 21, the seniors left the building while the underclassmen endured testing.  While the juniors suffered through the ACT and the freshmen and sophomores endured their English End of Course exams, the seniors took the day to either shadow in a prospective field of study or volunteer in the community. Now back to their usual schedules, a couple of seniors share their experiences from their Community Involvement day.

Matthew Jones spent the day at the Kettering Firehouse, shadowing the squad. It was his second time observing the team and he revealed, “It was much more interesting than my first time. We went on multiple calls; last time I really only got to see one call. It was fun to spend the day with them.” Jones spent twelve hours at the firehouse. He is still unsure of what he wants to do with his life after high school but “becoming a paramedic is a viable option.”

Jessica Zacharias shadowed an engineering professor at Sinclair Community College. “I learned early on that this wasn’t the career for me. My mentor told me that the job wasn’t for the more outgoing type which is totally my personality. I knew the job wasn’t for me but I still enjoyed observing him. It was neat to see what he did.”


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