The Stage Is Taken by Angels

by Bergen Eppers

On Tuesday, March 14, the BHS concert choir performed a mid-seasons concert, this time with the middle school choir. Concert choir is a co-curricular class offered to students interested in expanding their musical knowledge and ability in the vocal level. Throughout the year, they study and learn different pieces of music ranging from lullabies, spiritual, and different languages.

In this collaboration with the middle school choir, the concert opened with a warm welcome from the middle school choir director, Katie Blankenship, and the 6th grade choir began the show. Filled with parents and friends alike, the audience was entertained with variety of soloists and beautiful songs, such as “Chantez Alleluia!,” “Homeward Bound,” and “Riversong.”

The 7th and 8th grade choir then took the stage with “Listen to My Song,” “Lascia Ch’io Pianga,” and “Closer to the Flame.” Each choir sang beautifully with their harmonies and expressions. “Some of the songs the middle schoolers sang almost moved me to tears and I enjoyed every bit of it,”  says senior choir member Rachel Giffin.

After supporting the middle schoolers, the high school choir performed. Directed by Mrs. Siler and accompanied by her brother, Greg Martin, the choir swayed the audience with the songs such as “Always Something Sings” and “Kyrie.” Joined by the mentor choir, they lifted the spirits of the viewers with some banjos added in “Shut de Do,” “Festival Sanctus,” and “Oh, Won’t You Sit Down?” The middle school and audience applauded giving them a standing ovation for their hard work and musical talent.

The concert then closed with the combined choirs singing “The Pink Panther,” using sound effects to get the sense of nostalgia for most parents. “I thought the concert was very successful,” says Giffin, “I think it gave us a very good perspective on how far we’ve come as choir. I also think it gave the middle schoolers something to look forward to in high school.”


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