Couple Found Dead in Centerville, Ohio

By Rachel Giffin

Airline pilot Brian Hayle and his wife, Courtney, were found dead due to a fatal dose of heroin and fentanyl just over a week ago in Centerville, Ohio. The heartbreaking 911 call reached Centerville authorities after the couple’s children woke up for school and realized their parents weren’t waking up as well.

Toxicologists have evidence that narcotics were involved, but the most startling part about the case is that Brian Hayle had been an airline pilot for 9 years before this tragic incident. The home had no history of trouble, which leaves authorities wondering how long the couple may have been involved with drug use.

For more information, see:–law/substantial-fentanyl-operation-busted-sheriff-task-force/42PtJQbtj8jUSXTlsThV3O/


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