What Happened to Jeremy Lin?

By Henry Wong

Back in 2012, a Harvard graduate was taking the world by storm in ways one would not expect. Jeremy Lin, the point guard that started the Linsanity craze, was at his prime after leading a turnaround for the New York Knicks. It seemed that his career could only go up from there, and for some time, it did. Game after game, Lin continued to shock the NBA as he repeatedly scored new career-highs in each game. But the game that made Lin a household name was on February 14, 2012. With less than a second remaining, Lin scored a game-winning three-pointer bringing the score to 90-87 against the Toronto Raptors. When Lakers player Metta World Peace saw this, he ran by reporters yelling “Linsanity!” Lin became the first NBA player to score at least 20 points and have seven assists in each of his first five starts. After learning from an MRI that he had a small meniscus tear in March, he received knee surgery missing the rest of the regular season.

Despite being such a shooting star, Lin’s track record of only 266 game successes left teams uncertain about his future. The Houston Rockets picked him up during the 2012 season but also James Harden, who overshadowed Lin. When Lin moved on to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2014, he was benched in an attempt to improve the Lakers’ poor defense. Now playing for the Brooklyn Nets, he helps his team from the bench despite his aggravated left hamstring. Often seen with a clipboard, he figures game statistics and offensive strategy. Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson calls it “Linology.” While the infatuation with Lin was just that, he has gained his place in the record books and in our minds as a highly regarded Asian-American basketball player.


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