5 tips to finish the school year strong

By: Sara Wolf

The end of the year is so close and distractions are everywhere. Adjusted schedules, school and graduation events, weekend plans and better weather pull anyone’s mind away from the school work still left to do. As close as we are and as sad as it is, there’s still school and exams left for the most of us. Count down the days until June 2 if it helps, but focus on the few days left. There’s only a month to secure your grades and keep your GPA intact.

  • Get focused and avoid distractions – Lay out and keep in mind all the work you have to do, and try your best to do everything while keeping yourself free from distractions. Find a good place to work or a helpful friend to work with to keep you accountable.
  • Stay organized and responsible – As you focus in on the last few weeks, hold yourself accountable, too. Try your hardest to stay on top of everything there is to finish, even when it’s tough. It will pay off in the end!
  • Talk with your teachers – As exams approach and quarters are ending, check to see if you’ve done all that you can to get your grades in place. Check to see if there are any extra study opportunities or materials you can take advantage of, too.
  • Remember what you’ve worked for – We’ve spent 8 months so far this year to get to where we are now, remember that! Summer is almost here and all of the hard work this year has required is almost behind us.
  • Take care of yourself – Do the little things like eating well, staying active and getting enough sleep. Taking care of yourself will help you to stay focused and feel better as the year finishes out.

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