Annual Talent Show: A hit once again

by Lauren Redfern

The Friday before Spring Break, Bellbrook High School commercial arts class puts on the annual talent show and raises funds for Key Club causes. The talents show starts of with the commercial art class performing various skits or dances. This year’s show was hosted by seniors Trent Beard and Dima Shaltaf. The pair introduced each act and along with fellow senior Luke Mayberry they performed skits throughout the show.

This year’s talent show had bands, solo performances, duets, magic tricks, dancing and even hoola-hooping. Junior Sarah Malas said her favorite part was the opening band, “The Young, The Mild and The Orange.” The members of the band include juniors Kyle Miller and Ethan Reigelsberger along with senior Harris Norton. The band was given about 10 minutes to perform any songs of their choice while the audience was being seated.

Other fan favorites included a magic show, performed by Nicholas Riggs. He used audience members to help him perform his trick. The volunteers were selected at random, and definitely showed their emotion of surprise when the tricks were performed. Senior Anna Robertson gave the school a performance of her Irish dancing. Robertson toured Ireland over Spring Break with her dance team. Several students performed solos and duets, and freshman Zach Schultz capped off the show with a bassoon solo.

Pictures of the performance below were taken by Max Fader.


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