How to Not Cry Your Senior Year

By Henry Wong

The end of anything can be difficult. This is now extremely relevant to any high school seniors.

Seniors have finally established themselves, become comfortable, and achieved seniority only to lose it all once they become freshmen once again in college in the fall. To avoid wasting money on tissues, use the following tips to not shed a single tear your whole senior year.

  1. Don’t think about all the amazing friendships that you have made. Don’t think about the fact that you have been with these people your whole life and they have become almost like a family to you… a family you will no longer see after the year ends.
  2. Don’t remember any fun memories from high school or things that you have done as a class like paint fights, football games, school dances, or anything similar.
  3. Don’t remember any of the amazing teachers you have had who have built your education up to what it is today and who shaped you into who are today
  4. Don’t think about all the small local places special to your town where you used to always go with your friends like the Dairy Shed or Winter’s Library.
  5. Don’t think about all the high school extracurriculars you participated in and the fact that it is likely that you will never be together with the entire group who is involved ever again.
  6. Don’t remember the halls that you will likely never walk again and that you came to know so well as you went from classroom to classroom running into friends along the way.

If you follow all these tips, it should help you keep your wallets as full as your tear ducts from all the money you saved not buying tissues. Use this saved money on college (or a career), your new future, where you will make new friends and memories and further your education once again until your next graduation.


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