10 reasons to join the school newspaper next year

by Connor Robinson

Have you ever wanted to write freely, without being required to adhere to a topic your teacher forced upon you? You can write in a personal journal but why not join a class that allows you to write about anything while earning class credits and being part of a team of students just like you? If this sounds appealing, newspaper staff is definitely for you. Not convinced? Here’s 10 more reasons why you should join.

1: The class is during mentor so it doesn’t take up a slot in a normal school day of seven periods.

2: The only official meeting day is each Monday of every week. This means you are free to use mentor as you normally would the other four days in the week.

3: There is only one assignment due on Friday each week, instead of multiple papers with different due dates like other classes. This means getting into a routine is easy, simplifying what you need to remember.

4: If you turn in all your work you will get an A in the class, it goes towards your graduation requirements. This is an easy way to get credit with work that’s more rewarding than other classes.

5: You have Ms. Bills-Tenney to help you with every step of writing an article, from brainstorming a topic, to editing any mistakes found before publishing it to the EagleView News website.

6: You have an audience that views and comments on your articles. Receiving a positive comment on an article is great feeling, and using the website lets you show your writing talent to the world.

7: You are surrounded by fellow writers every day where you can discuss current events in the school, country, and world, as well as compare writing styles and ideas as you create new articles.

8: You have more opportunities to interact with the student body. Have you ever wanted to poll your fellow students? Or maybe interview them about a current event occurring in the school? You can turn the data from these interviews into an article that shows how students feel about relevant topics.

9: Your grammar and writing techniques are greatly improved. Consistently writing every week while receiving tips from Ms. Bills-Tenney and other writers has a major impact on your writing skills. You will find yourself ready to write about nearly anything after taking the class.

10: Most importantly, it’s fun. You bond with those in the room with you, and make new friends along the way!


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