The American Healthcare Bill Struggles in the Senate

By: Meghan Malas

The clash over philosophy, ideology, and the identity of America has been ever present in the debate over health care policy. Since the new healthcare bill passed the House of Representatives May 4, questions of morality and consequence have set forth among the public. Politifact reports the new bill proposes rolling back the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, major cuts to Planned Parenthood (which under current law, can’t use money for abortions except those in cases of rape, incest, or risk of mother’s life), loss of specific protection for veterans, less of protection of those with pre-existing conditions, and more power given to insurance companies over their insurance policy owners. Many Republicans have longed to rid the U.S. since it was in planning stage, but after more than seven years the bill has provided coverage for millions.

According to The New York Times, it is predicted that if the new bill passes, 23 million more people will be left uninsured in a decade. This is considered the wrong direction by many representatives, including Republicans. While Democrats will vote unanimously against the bill, Republicans have fallen onto both sides of the debate. Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is unsure whether the Senate can obtain the newly required 50 votes to pass the bill if Republicans are not united behind it. Recently, public outrage has diminished support for the bill further.

So, it is not looking optimistic for the leaders behind the new plan. But this is not to say that it will not pass, or a staggered version of it will not. Some Republicans may not like the current implications of the “Trumpcare” plan, but they are eager to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. It will be fascinating to see how members of Congress will vote given the bill’s unpopularity, and even more interesting to see how their votes might play a role in the results of the Congressional elections next year.


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