Blockbusters fill the rest of 2017

By Mackenzie Pittman

Looking for a way to spend your weekend? As the end of the year rolls around, you can fill your time with blockbuster movies throughout the holidays.

October 27

Jigsaw (R)
A horror movie following the investigation of gruesome murders committed by the man Jigsaw, who was thought to be dead.

Thank You For Your Service (R)

Depicts the struggle for soldiers to blend back into their ordinary lives after facing the horrors of war.

November 1

A Bad Moms Christmas (R)

Follow up of the 2016 movie Bad Moms following three women under stress in attempt to make Christmas the best holiday. In the process, they rediscover the importance of a strong relationship with their own mothers.

November 3

Thor: Ragnarok (PG-13)

The third installment in the Marvel Thor series follows Thor as he races against time to return to Asgard and prevent the destruction of his world and his people.

November 17

Justice League (PG-13)
Batman, with the help of Wonder Woman, must work swiftly to band together a group superheroes to protect earth from devastating events.

Wonder (PG)
Based off the book, Wonder follows August, a boy with a facial deformity, as he enters fifth grade at a public school for the first time and faces the challenges of social norms enforced at schools.

November 22

Coco (PG)
The new Disney movie follows Miguel and his dreams to become a successful musician, despite his family’s prohibition on music.

December 15

Stars Wars: The Last Jedi
Episode VIII continues with Rey, Poe, and Finn on their crazy adventure with Luke Skywalker in the next phase of the Star Wars saga.

December 20

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
A re-telling of the 1995 version, but instead of a board game, it’s an old video game console that they’re thrust into.


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