4 Reasons to Pick Up a Book

by Michaela Pittman

1.Reading expands your vocabulary.

When you read books meant for your reading level, you’re exposing yourself to familiar and new vocabulary. This allows you to learn new words within the context of ones you already know, which makes it easier on you and doesn’t make you feel like you’re having to look them up in a dictionary or having to memorize them; you’ll just know them from the frequent use of them.

2. A relaxation method.

Everyone faces some kind of stress in everyday life. Whether it be school, work, family or friends, everyone needs to chill out for a little bit everyday and relieve stress and calm down. Reading just so happens to be a great thing for that. Reading is a passive activity and getting into a great story will most definitely make you feel better and relaxed at the end of the day.

3. Reading improves your writing skills.

Reading a great story by a great writer shows you what great writing looks like. And observational learning comes into play when you next write. When you’ve been exposed to good writing, you know what it’s supposed to look like so you’ll begin to write better without even having to actively study techniques of writing; you know how to emulate it just by reading it.

4. Reading books is fun.

There are so many books out in the world, and all of them are for the entertainment or enlightenment of the reader. There are so many different topics that books are written on so find one you enjoy and you’ll get lost in it in no time.


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