Palentine’s Day is the New Valentine’s Day

By: Chelsea Cozad

Today marks the loneliest day of the year for some of us. It’s a day filled with couples showing their love with hugs and kisses while we go to the last aisle of the grocery store to get that tub of mega ice cream and prepare to spend the day alone. Instead of reminiscing on the lost relationships of our past and drowning our sorrows in junk food, it’s time to celebrate those we have around us. Forget Valentine’s Day: February 14 is now Palentine’s Day! Here are 5 fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate with your besties!

  • Watch a movie

We all love a cheesy rom-com but Valentine’s Day might not be the best day to think about how not in love we are. Instead, choose a feel-good movie. Some of my favorites are…

      1. The Breakfast Club
      2. Back to the Future
      3. Legally Blonde
      4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Order takeout

Crab Rangoon, chopsticks, conversation–name a better combo. Take this time to chat with your besties and reminisce on silly memories or new gossip with a stuffed face.

  • Go to the gym

Sweat out any stress and get your grind on with your buds. Feel better and look better with some exercise! If the gym’s not your scene, try a nice walk or a fun at-home partner circuit.  

  • Paint

Get creative and whip out the brushes to create a masterpiece. Laugh and enjoy a fun distraction from your daily routine. If you’re not into painting, drawing or even coloring are also fun and relaxing activities to do with a friend or two.

  • Create a scrapbook

Compile some of your greatest memories of you and your pals into a cute little scrapbook. Taking a moment to appreciate all the great people you have in your life will make for a good time. Smile at the reminder of old memories and look to the future for many more good times to come!


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