Fortnite Changes It Up With an App

By: Kayla Stephensen

Fortnite, a recent video game obsession among many teens, came out with an app version of the console game. The app is mobile so it can be played anywhere; however, players need an invite from the developers and an iPhone 6s (or a later generation) to download it.

The game is set up in battle royale genre where 100 players are fighting each other to be the last one standing. To start, the players are dropped on an island where they can pick up supplies and weapons to use in order to beat the other 99. Meanwhile, a dangerous storm is closing in on a specific spot on the island which forces players to fight each other.

The console version is free and players can play with their peers in the rather addicting game. When asked which version he prefers, junior Trevin Elliott responds, “I like console better cause I enjoy playing on a big tv with my friends.” Elliott goes on to explain, “They [the console and mobile versions] are completely the same, it’s just that the mobile has worse graphics, is harder to get a hold of, and has bad controls.”


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