School Bus Crash Kills At Least 2

By: Kayla Stephensen

A dump truck crashed into a school bus early in the morning of Thursday, May 17, in New Jersey and resulted in at least two deaths so far. The middle school students were on their way to a field trip when they were derailed and the bus was broken into two pieces. Overturned on its side, the crippled bus ending up injuring everyone on the bus, 38 students, 6 adult chaperones as well as the bus driver.

The governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy made several comments. He notes that some are in a critical situation at the hospital and hopes the best for those affected. The mayor of Mount Olive, the town where it took place, likewise expressed his astonishment at the unfortunate event. He is also certain that the community will manage to bounce back.

Route 80 East, the highway where this tragic event occurred, was completely shut down as the bus laid in ruins in the median. Eventually the opposing side’s traffic opened up later in the day.


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