Redo Your Room

by Heidi Papay

A cluttered room can be distracting in your busy life. But, it is easy to redo your room. Redoing your room is an inexpensive way to change-up and re-energize your routine.

To redo your room, begin by cleaning and organizing. Do your laundry, put away books, and declutter your dresser and desk. While cleaning, you can also throw away or donate items that you don’t want anymore. You can even go through your wardrobe and donate the clothes that you no longer wear or don’t fit. This is also a good time to dust and sweep your room.

Next, rearrange the furniture. Ask a family member or friend to help you move the heavy items, such as the bed or bookshelves. If you have enough space, you can create different areas in your room while you are arranging. For example, you can place a desk near bookshelves to create a study area, or you can place a few chairs next to each other to create a relaxing sitting space.

The final, and most fun step, is to decorate. Decorating your room makes it unique to you. You can hang posters and paintings, you can place plants around the room, or you can create your own artwork to display; the possibilities are endless. If you’re struggling for ideas, turn to your hobbies and interests. If you love watching Netflix, you can base the theme of your room on your favorite show. If you love collecting vinyls, you can try displaying them on a stand. Your room represents you, so make sure to fill it with the things you love.

After redoing your room, step back and admire your work. And the next time your room becomes too messy or boring, or when you’d like to break free from your routine, simply start organizing, arranging, and decorating.


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