2018 World Series Approaches: Who and What to Watch Out For

By: Carter Caldwell

October can be a bittersweet month for baseball fans: on one hand, your favorite sport’s time in the spotlight draws to a close, but on the other, the most exciting part of the season is at hand.  Yes, the 2018 World Series is coming fast, with the first game taking place on 23 October.  This year will be the 114th edition of the World Series to be played between the National League Boston Red Sox and the American League Los Angeles Dodgers.

The tournament itself, which is sponsored by YouTube, will consist of a seven game series, as always, with the potential Game 7 scheduled for October 31.  The opener and potential closer of the series will be held at the home field of the American League tournament–this year in Boston.  This is because both AL teams have better regular season records than the NL teams, and regular season records are the sole determiner for who hosts the series opener.  The World Series will for the nineteenth year be broadcast by Fox, with Joe Buck, John Smoltz, Ken Rosenthal, and Tom Verducci acting as announcers.


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