Colder Weather Brings Long-Awaited Break and Holiday Festivities

By: Carter Caldwell

Twas the week of Thanksgiving at Bellbrook High School, and all through the halls the students…are not.

As we enter November and as lows in Bellbrook are dropping below freezing, there certainly is an air of readiness for the annual break.  Amongst a flurry of tests and quizzes, last minute assignments, there is little in the way of comfort for the students as the imminence of midterms descends upon them.  In light of this, some hope can be found in the upcoming school play, which will be playing between 16 November and 18 November at BHS, with tickets for $10.  Furthermore, the holiday spirit is again lifted by the perennial Teacher Turkey contest.

EagleView News last reported on Teacher Turkey in 2013, when writer Emily Caruso interviewed that year’s Turkey math teacher Christa Oeder.  That year, the Key Club was able to raise more than $500.00 in the names of Skylar Kooken, Julianna Hawk, and Sophie Kerrigan.  This year, your candidates for the coveted position include soon-to-be-retired principal Chris Baker, social studies teacher Aaron Fromm, new-kid-on-the-block math teacher Brian Haley, and guidance counselor Andy Hartley.  The proceeds will go to help victims of domestic abuse. Mr. Baker ended up winning the coveted Turkey costume this year.


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