New Season, New Browns

by Morgan Sharbaugh

In the 2018-2019 NFL football season the Cleveland Browns are shocking everyone. After being the ridicule of the NFL, the Browns have now come up with several wins. This year the Browns show promise with 4 wins, 7 loses, and 1 tie as of December 8. At this time in 2017, the Browns had 0 wins and 16 losses.

What has Changed?

Hue Jackson, the Browns’ head coach for the past three years, backed off. After coordinating all the offensive plays, Jackson had to step back and let Todd Haley do the job. Todd Haley came to the Browns from the Pittsburgh Steelers until he and Jackson were fired after a devastating loss to the Steelers. Now, Greg Williams takes the reins. Williams appears to be more demanding and disciplined during practices, and is itching to have a great season.

The Browns have also taken on a brand new athlete roster with Baker Mayfield as the new quarterback. Mayfield is a rookie, fresh out of college and seems to be a big hit for the Browns. He is leading the team on the field into a surprising season. Jackson was not playing to Mayfield’s strengths when he was in charge, but now Williams and Freddie Kitchens are showing improvements on the field.


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