Book Review: Mistborn is Epic Fantasy at its Finest

By: Emily Bevelhymer

There are few reads more exciting and entertaining than an epic fantasy. In Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, the Lord Ruler is the emperor of this fantasy world and has suppressed the empire. The magic system in the world allows people to burn different metals and receive different powers from the metals. A group of misfits rise up to defeat the Lord Ruler. The group is headed by Kelsier who once before attempted to overthrow the Lord Ruler but failed and was imprisoned in a mining pit. The story also follows Vin, who is a street urchin who is recruited by Kelsier to join the group in an effort to overthrow the final empire because she is a Mistborn and can burn all metals to gain powers.

Mistborn is one of my favorite books and has many events contained within the book. Mistborn is the first book in a trilogy and Brandon Sanderson drops hints and threads that are resolved at the end of the book. For those who are looking for satisfying endings, the trilogy is sure to please. Sanderson also has an original magic system and his character are so fleshed out they feel as if they are real. For anyone looking for a fantasy book to read, Mistborn should be your top pick.


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