State Goals Met by Comp Cheer Squad

By: Carter Caldwell

On 10 March, at St. John’s Arena, the Bellbrook Comp Cheer Squad attended the State Competition.  We last featured the team on 19 February, before the competition, and we now take a look at the results.

After 8 months of practice, the season was destined to come to a satisfactory close.  The team stayed the night in Columbus, and the weight of it all was finally beginning to set it: this was it.  The girls ultimately hoped to perform better than they had last season, when a disappointing routine led to a similarly disappointing finish.  Ideally, this year would see a top-ten finish.  The competition began, and things began to look brighter for the Golden Eagles.

Despite this, nerves still ran rampant as awards began.  It became apparent that the nerves were unnecessary: Bellbrook beat big rivals consistently, which led to much satisfaction.  Furthermore, the team clinched a ninth place finish, ending the season in what senior Kenzie Pelfrey described as “pretty much the best end to an already amazing season.”

This year’s team was composed of Haley Greer, Angel De Uzuta, Jamie Levine, Naika Nagy, Kylie Bunker, Makayla Schram, Caroline Froelich, Natalie Ryan, Kenzie Pelfrey, Rachel Kracus, Cassie Ziemer, Kelsey Rommel, and Morgan Powell.  The ladies were coached by Debi Schweiterman, Holly Levine, and Jonelle Terrell.


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