Sugar Maple Festival Sweeps Through Bellbrook

By: Morgan Sharbaugh

On April 26 through 28, the Bellbrook Sugar Maple Festival brought joy to everyone in the town.

On Saturday the 27th, at 10:30, hundreds of people were lined up to view the parade. Float after float and group after group, the parade made its way through downtown Bellbrook, featuring the high school’s successful sports teams, JROTC, and marching band. Volunteer organizations marched as well. Mrs. Phillipson led the Challenge Day program through the town. The Bellbrook Sugar Maple Sweethearts made an appearance with Sophomore Abbey Dunham crowned Sweetheart.

The festival featured some amazing food as well. Senior Maria Mescher claimed her favorite food was the bourbon chicken, which seemed to be a favorite of many. Bessie’s Noodles and the Dublin Pub made appearances with food booths as well.

The Bellbrook Jazz Band, Spungeworthy, and God Vibes made appearances playing live music. The jazz band was a huge delight over in Bellbrock Park, Spongeworthy played near the beer garden, and God Vibes stationed themselves near the Dairy Shed.

The Parks department continued the tradition of handing out free trees to plant in the community. The species this year were Red Maple and Red Oak. Hundreds of trees were handed out, allowing families in the community to liven up their yards and help the environment.


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