Wait, We Have a School Newspaper!?

By: Carter Caldwell

Now, if you’re reading this, I hope you know that Bellbrook has a school newspaper.  EagleView News has online articles dating back to September of 2013, with new articles getting posted every month.

The staff for EagleView News consists of Bellbrook sophomores, juniors, and seniors, all led by Ms. Bills-Tenney.  Meetings occur during mentor, but a large part of class is done outside school on your own.  Generally, it involves writing articles (4 per quarter) and doing article reviews (also 4 per quarter).  For veteran staff members, there is also an option to post 20 Tweets per quarter briefly commenting on an article you read.

Articles cover a variety of “beats:” arts and entertainment, school community, sports, lifestyle, and current events.  Writing across a variety of beats gives students an opportunity to broaden their interests and explore new styles.  Not only that, but if you manage to get your work done, you get a small GPA boost!  It’s a win-win.

EagleView News is also responsible for The Egg podcast, a student-run project currently in its second year.  The Egg has covered a variety of subjects and topics, many featuring interviews with students just like you!


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