How to Do Your Summer Homework in a Timely Manner

By: Kayla Stephensen

Summer homework timing is one of the most challenging concepts to keep up with. Definitely more confusing with every class on a classroom. Be sure to start out the summer by printing out what is needed and getting the necessary textbooks and books to read. Summer assignments can be found here. You will need to get the Google Classroom code and join to see the assignments for your classes.

Typically, most everyone has math and English over the summer. Math can be more spread out as it is typically less work and easier to retain. English, on the other hand, is harder to time as you don’t want to wait too long before starting but also reading them all in June makes it harder to participate in the discussion in August. It is important to know your pace of reading and to remember everything you’ll have to do for each book. Start reading in July and read a little bit each day to make the task more manageable.

The trouble with reading too soon and too late also occurs with some AP classes. APUSH and AP Chem require memorizing and a Quizlet at the beginning of the summer is a sure pay off as it keeps track of which terms you know. Memorization should be started by the end of June, but textbook reading should wait until the middle or end of July, depending on your ability to read and how many chapters must be finished.

The key to not being stressed out during summer over the timing of homework is to have a plan that breaks down each subject and the tasks needed to be completed. Summer is not a time to worry about school. Give yourself a break, but plan for it so your future self isn’t cursing your summer self the night before school starts.


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